About Us

Many times, our wish to get detail information may be hampered. This can be either through the proliferation of many false blogs sending the wrong message or simply because the information is unavailable hence unreachable. However, these hurdles have been dealt with, with the birth of Celebrity Views Tv.

About Celebrity Views Tv

Celebrity Views Tv. is a registered Entertainment Platform that focuses on Entertainment News, Politics, Music, Events, Sport, and Modeling etc. The website was launched in the year (2017). With reporters scattered all around, there is a per seconds update for every information that goes around.

Celebrity Views Tv. was founded by the Brand Manager Miracle Kelechi Chike in 2016. However, their website was launched in 2017. The website had interesting categories that would give enough relevant information to the large viewers who visit. The Entertainment Company which is related to their platform for Music class includes iTunes, SoundCloud, Mixcloud & TooXclusive.

Celebrity accepts adverts. For your Advertisement & Upcoming Events, Promotions send an email to Advert@celebrityviewstv.tv

About Founder

Miracle Chike Kelechi was born March 24th, 1998. He is from Abia state, Nigeria. However, Miracle has spent most of his life in the ever busy area of Lagos where he began and promoted Celebrity Views Tv. Miracle is the first son of the family.

He Studied Marketing at the University of Port Harcourt. And at age 14 he has begun his career as a graphic designer; as he went along, he developed an interest in blogging. Blogging has led Miracle to many unattainable heights. He is popularly known as Yung Miraboi Mark. He has worked for several celebrity artists.