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Pat Dodson spoke to the ABC this morning about the government decision to reject the the proposal for a constitutionally enshrined voice in parliament for indigenous people

It wasn’t honourable because they didn’t discuss any of this with their own advisory committee. They didn’t discuss it with any of the Indigenous leadership.

They certainly didn’t discuss this with the opposition before they allowed a leak or a leak took place – and we wouldn’t even be having the discussion if the leak hadn’t taken place.

So there is nothing honourable about what’s happened here. And certainly to then come back and say they made a judgement that a proposition that has been put by the First Nation’s people would not pass the referendum test: now who knows that?

We’ve just spent $122m surveying people on the question of same-sex marriage. Now that’s a good thing to do and it’s a necessary thing to do.

We could have taken the same approach here. There are innovative ways to deal with the complexities surrounding the question of entrenching a voice.

And I think to foreclose on that, having spent a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of energy gone into this and to just simply reject it because the conservative element within the party of Mr Turnbull has rejected it.


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