Sexy Photo of Black Chyna for her single good bye

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Blac Chyna on a white debruim, which she claim £1200M


Sexy Photo of Black Chyna for her single good bye, As the Forever ‘young Mum’ show off her sexy body not minding her relationship status.
Angela Renée White, professionally known as Blac Chyna, marveled the net with mind blowing photo, although she recently parted way’s with her spouse, Rob Kadashain’s but still showing beauty part of her.


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Black Chyna joined massive wipshow at Atlanta, where she spent her happy holiday all alone, According to report she made exclusive wanbin with Rob Kardashain’s as sensation hit get worsen.

Due to clashy hit between Rob&Blac the wavy bumber seek revenge against her ex in an “explosive” countersuit.

“Chyna hired a team of lawyers to help her fight back against Rob,” a source told the publication. “He’s rich, with all of the Kardashian money, but she knows his secrets, and now she’s not going to keep them… She’s going to file an explosive counter lawsuit for millions that will expose all of Rob’s lies.”

The former stripper is reportedly strategically waiting until October 27 to make her move, which stands as the one month mark after Rob’s lawsuit against her. She allegedly wants to make sure she has everything in order before she strikes.

“Chyna is garthering all of her evidence, making sure her story is solid and better than the one that Rob told,” the source continued. “She’s going to wait until the end of the deadline to file her suit. She has about three more weeks… She is going to stick it to Rob twice. She will file a response, and her own lawsuit. This will get ugly.”

“With report lines this didn’t stop her from showcasing her gitty sexy body” TMZ report


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Golden 🍯

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Dreamy and Mommy

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