Wiz Khalifa set Slashe Update in Memorial of Amber Rose

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Wiz-Khalifa-set-slashes-update-at-Amber-RoseWiz Khalifa set slashe update in memorial of Amber Rose

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, known professionally as Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper and actor, has set slashe update in memorial of Amber Rose.

Not been too long, ever since Amber Rose ‘broke’ clarifies her relationship with Ex Wiz Khalifa, report has also been made that Khalifa made claims of not being a worthy for her.


Wiz-khalif-Amber-RoseBoth spotted having a good time at Suchi Enterprise show, Ireland

Amber Rose’s recent “relationship” with 21 Savage seems to have caught the attention of her ex, Wiz made good remarks about Amber. “She isn’t the only lady on time now, yes as we all know she is sexy, during her stay at XXL show review”

He also flashed at his past, he say “Ever since getting together, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose has no problem showing their love for each other. Since the birth of their precious baby, the couple has been mum to the tabloids”

Wiz Khalifa haven’t been on regret following his break-line, with TMZ report, and Instagram post shows he had someone else Which he has been flaunting.


Seems like a dream.

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The woman by Wiz’s side is, of course, his new girlfriend, Izabela Guedes, although time

Hope the owners don’t mind the smell.

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