Celebrity Views TV Interview With Onoriode Billy Jamaho

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1. Celebrity Views TV would like to know your names and your professional careers ?

My names are Onoriode Billy Jamaho… also called OB’DRIPS mostly by many. I am a Model, a song writer and also an upcoming actor.


2. Celebrity Views TV would like to know how long have you been in Modeling and how do you became a model ?

Actually I started modeling professionally in August 2015 before modeling I was just this regular guy who like taking pictures with good outfits and it got to a point when most of my friends were advising me to try modeling so I had to give it a shot and this is what it is for me now.


3. What about Song Writing, How do you got influence in writing songs ?

Mostly when I am in my quiet times, that’s when I have the time to visualize and see how far I have gone in life by that means I get influence and I just pick my pen and my notebook then I start writing about myself and thing around me things.


4. Do you ever dream of being a Musician in future and still focus on modeling ?

Music is my life… because I started writing at early stage of my life and it’s what I see as a career. in my private hours I write and do more of musical research than modeling. But in future I believe when I’m into my music business fully, I believe modeling will as well come along. but more of music for me though.


5. Do you have any challenges combining all careers together especially focusing on Modeling ?

Well I will say a little bit, course I program myself so I could fit in. I write mostly on Sundays that’s when I have time to be alone after church. Some Sundays are occupied with event and some other stuff though but when I am free in a Sunday I use it. And during the week I am at work course I work with a govt org (name withheld)  I know it’s crazy combing all that together lol and on Saturdays is meeting where we rehears and learn new updates on modeling… thanks to my management.
6. What are your favorite food ?
Don’t really have a favorite food, if the food is good Ana’s healthy I am good. But I will say it’s beans cuz I eat more of it when it’s well cooked.
7. Celebrity Views TV would like to know what’s “Modeling” according to your knowledge ?
To me it’s a person who display or showcases a product. i.e selling a particular product in a creative way… I hope I tried ?
8. Does culture has anything to do with your Modeling lifestyle ?
No not at all
9. What advice do you have for your fellow acts or colleagues coming up as a model ?
Stay focus and believe In yourself most of all have a role model you look up to and be prayerful.
10. We would also like to who’s your role model and why do you choose him or her ?
Tyson beckford cuz he has that charisma when he’s always on runway he slays in shoots and also on runways.

Miracle Chike Kelechi popularly known as his nickname Yung Miraboi Mark is a Nigerian Entertainment Blogger and PR, Founder of Celebrity Views Tv.

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