Milly Kay Step Out With His Interview About His Music Lifestyle

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Q: When did you start music?

A: I started my music officially 2011, been writing songs and serving other Artistes I think it’s time for me to do me…

Q:What influenced your decision to become a singer? 

A: I have always had a zeal of performing on stage, music is life it’s a way to communicate my feelings out about what I feel around me or my Society…

Q: What were your parents reaction to your career choice? 

A: my parent gave me full support from day one and motivate me to do better in music, I was shocked but I’m happy about there decisions towards to my Career.

Q: What were the challenges you faced while building your brand?

A: a lot of people need help for them to help you it’s strange but it’s the world we live in now, even knowing that you are a straight talent they still want something, coming up as an artiste is not easy but your passion overcomes everything.

Q: Have you ever thought of quitting music?

A: it’s a feeling every real musician must have gone through or thought about before, but music is the only way I see so I don’t have any way so quitting is not an Option.

Q: When would you say is the happiest and saddest day in your life?

A: happiest day in my life was when I had a publishing music deal with one of the leading Digital Company and Record company abroad, a lot of artiste don’t have this platforms so it’s a plus for me at this stage of my Career, the Saddest day was when I lost my Sis, she’s also a musician and has always motivated me it hurt to loose someone you love but life goes on still, though I miss her but I know she gat my back.

Q: Who are your mentors in the Nigerian music industry and why?

A: fela Kuti happens to be the first on the list, he tells story with his music and that is what my fans should expect from me we have a lot of different sounds to make every one happy in the Country, Olisa Osadebe is a very melodic musician I love his way of making you happy and ready to spend all you have for his good music.

Q: How have you been dealing with your female fans?

A: female fans are part of the industry, we have to find our way around to make sure there happy no matter what, good music attract good female friends and ability to keep them around and feed them more with good music makes them respect you  as a musician and love you for who you are.

Q: What’s the craziest thing a female fan has done to you?

A: kissing me without my knowledge it felt awkward but it’s our job so I’m use to entertaining a lot of them with my music.

Q: Are you in  a relationship? 

A: This question has always come up in every artiste career but at the stage of my Career I don’t think answering it would be an option, I just wait for you all to find out.

Q: Can you date someone in the entertainment industry? 

A: love is feeling that comes from above, anyone can be in love with anyone regarding there places of work or what they do so sure if I it happens then let it be it.

Q: You are not currently based in the country. How do you plan to build your fan base?

A: yes I use to be based in South Africa due to my Study and all of that, but I finished my study and I’m back home now fully to entertain my people. So you all should get ready for good world music from this brands, it’s a brand that would stand the test of time.


Miracle Chike Kelechi popularly known as his nickname Yung Miraboi Mark is a Nigerian Entertainment Blogger and PR, Founder of Celebrity Views Tv.

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