Celebrity Views Tv Interview With Oluwadarasimi Omoekpen Ogbetah

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1.Celebrity Views Tv would like to know your names and your Professional career ?

Oluwadarasimi Omoekpen Ogbetah. I’m a model…and aspiring Tv presenter/host, artiste, and actress.

2. Celebrity Views Tv would like know more about your model lifestyle and how you started as a model ?

Err…basically, a makeup artiste saw me and asked to be her model. I can say it started basically from there. Afterwards, i joined a Commercial Modeling Agency. 

3. Celebrity Views Tv would like to know your state of origin ?

I’m from Edo state. My dad is from Edo; my mum is from Abeokuta. That’s why my second name is Omoekpen , meaning Child is Pride.

4. Are you currently working as a TV Presenter for a TV Show ?

Nope. Although I’m searching for a job as a presenter. I’m a 400- level student of Bowen University, so i can’t possibly be into a full time work. 

5. As an actress have you ever been on a film play ?

Lol I’m not an actress. Well not yet.

6. Celebrity Views Tv would like to know your favorite food and colour ?

I like pounded yam and efo riro😊😊
Favorite Color is Orange. 

7. Have you ever had any challenges being a model and a Tv Presenter ?

I’m a model…not a TV Presenter. And yes there have been challenges. From the problems of not getting paid, to being rudely spoken to, to problems of having to wait for vendors/stylists /mua a lot of times…etc

8. Celebrity Views Tv would like to know your role models in the entertainment industry and what do you have to say about your role models ?

Dakore Akande, Sika Osei, Somkele Idlahama, etc…they are all amazing people.

9. Who are your best photographers when taking photoshoots ?

I just like it when photographers have a rapport with the model. I’ve met a photographer who didn’t smile or try to talk to me at all. I didn’t like the shoot.

10. What Advice do you have for your fellow acts coming up as a model ?

Hmm…they should be ready to work hard. Not only that, they should be ready to work without getting paid…Me sef i need advice lol. 


Miracle Chike Kelechi popularly known as his nickname Yung Miraboi Mark is a Nigerian Entertainment Blogger and PR, Founder of Celebrity Views Tv.

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