Ramsey Noauh Does Not Go Out With His Kids For A Reason

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Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Ramsey Nouah, has revealed that his kids suffer a lot of backlash because of his profession as a movie actor.

According him, it is very difficult to go out with his children because whenever he does, they feel bad and neglected in public when he tries to be nice to his fans by taking pictures with them.

The actor made the revelation in an interview with Ghana’s Joy News’.

“My kids suffer a whole lot of backlash [because] of my profession because it’s pretty hard for us to go out and have fun in public places. Most times when I go, I always have to be nice to the fans, taking pictures and neglecting them and they feel bad about it, they don’t enjoy it,”
Because of the divided attention, the actor said he tries to keep them out of public eyes.
“A couple of people ask me, your kids, will you bring them into acting… it’s their choice. I wouldn’t forcibly train them in the line of acting but I will train them in whatever I see that they are more comfortable with”. 


Miracle Chike Kelechi popularly known as his nickname Yung Miraboi Mark is a Nigerian Entertainment Blogger and PR, Founder of Celebrity Views Tv.

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