Celebrity Views Tv Interview With Cynthia Owums

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1. Celebrity Views TV would like to know your names and how you started as a model ?

My name is Cynthia Owums, A graduate of university of port Harcourt. 

2. How long have you been in Modeling focus and what do you intend to impact to your fans as a model ? 

I started modeling in the year (2012) , When I got into school it was quite difficult for me combining both lifestyles. So in my final year I had to pause. I was off modeling for a year. when I got back most of my friends had stopped, but I came back in a different dimension just working my way through it (not in an agency no more ) . Modeling is something I have passion for. I can’t predict the future because I have other dreams but I’m walking my way into that future. 

3. As a Model can you please tell us, What modeling is all about according to you ?
First love yourself enough to be loved because modeling is all about how u carry urself, ur confident. people have to see that unique exquisite thing you see in you.

4. Can you tell us briefly about your educational background ?
I studied linguistics and communication studies. whatever model its out there, having a degree comes first for me.

5. Do you ever think of diverting from modeling in future ?
Modeling is a world. But they are so many ways of modeling . For now i don’t see myself leaving what I have passion for. 

6. As a model, have you ever regretted of a mistake being a model ?

No, I have always wondered how basic my life would have been like if I wasn’t a model, no regrets. 

7. Who are your role models in the entertainment industry ?

I’m a Rihanna fan. I also love dancing and video vixens, so I have a lot of diverse interest.

8. What advice do you have for your fellow act in the industry ?
Be the best of you that’s how you grow. Hating leads you nowhere.


Miracle Chike Kelechi popularly known as his nickname Yung Miraboi Mark is a Nigerian Entertainment Blogger and PR, Founder of Celebrity Views Tv.


  1. Prince

    June 19, 2017 at 8:33 am

    I never thought of modeling that way, but this is a whole new perspective.

    Wish you all the best in future.

  2. Juliet

    June 19, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    Go girl

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